Hogtown Harmonie

19th Century European Harmoniemusik Series Performance

Wellington’s Victory, Op. 91 (1813) by Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) for large wind band

Marche du Couronnement de l’Empereur Napoleon a Paris (1805)
by Georg Druschetzky (1745-1819) for 2ob, 2c l, 2hn, 2bn, cbn

Symphony No. 91 by Franz Josef Haydn (1732-1809)
arranged by Robert Nicolas Charles Bochsa (1789-1856) for 2fl, 2cl , 2hn, trp, trb, 2bn, serp

Fanchon (1804) by Friedrich Heinrich Himmel (1765-1814)
arranged by J. C. Due ring for 2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2hn, trp, 2bn, cbass

Andante from K. 42 5 by Wofgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
arranged by Josef Triebensee (1772-1846) for 2ob, 2cl, 2hn, 2bn, cbn

Parthias by Franz Christoph Neubauer (1750-1795) for 2ob , 2cl , 2hn, trp, 2bn, cbass

Parthia in F by Johann Sperger (1750-1812) for 2ob, 2cl, 2hn, 2 trp, 2bn

Combat naval by Daniel Steibelt (1765-1823)
arranged by Carl Andreas Goepfert (1768–1818) for 2ob , 2cl, 2hn, trp, 2bn, serp, bdrum

March by Samuel Wesley (1766-1837) for 2ob, 2hn, 2bn, serp

All harmonemusik editions are prepared by Eric James.
Performance editions are distributed free of charge.
To obtain pdf files, contact hogtownharmonie@gmail.com